Mastering the Wing

Hi Beauties!

Have you ever tried to create the perfect wing aaaaaand it turned out everything but that? One eye is ON POINT. The other…not so much. Then you run out of time, take the eyeliner off all together and it just became a sad, sad day. No fear! Let’s do this together, step by step 🙂

Step 1: Using a small eyeliner brush (I use MAC 216…best brush ever btw), create a line pointing at a slightly upward angle, starting at the corner of your eye.


Step 2: Starting at the tip, make a connecting line to the lashes, forming a triangle.


Step 3: Fill in the triangle (duh).


Step 4: Line the rest of the eye, connecting it to the triangle.


TIP: Don’t be that person with the round wing! Trust me, nobody wants to see that. Get a flat liner brush (shown below) and clean that ish up. Pour a VERY small amount of makeup remover onto a tissue, dab the liner into it & drag it along the edge of the wing. Boom. Perfect, sharp wing.

Now you can fly 🙂


photo 4 (1)




3 thoughts on “Mastering the Wing

  1. yamelia rodriguez says:

    Wow thank you so much for the tip. I never thought of actually fixing the eyeliner , i would always add more eyeliner and end up removing it to redo it.


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