The Dreaded C Word…Cardio.

     Okay ladies, let’s be real here. How many of you head to gym and go straight to the same spot every time? The treadmill, the elliptical or the stairmaster. You set the timer for 45 minutes and count every.. single.. one of them. You do this 5 days a week and wonder why you don’t see any changes with your body. Trust me,  I’ve been there.

     Before I ever picked up a weight, I’d go upstairs to the elliptical section in my little corner and go for 60 minutes.YIKES. I thought I was doing this great workout, 6 days a week. Sometimes I’d throw in some abs or jump on the treadmill. But I was never sore the next day. My muscles never felt fatigued. Worst of all, my body never changed.

     My body didn’t start changing until I grabbed weights, but I’ll save that for a later date. For this post let’s just stick to cardio. Guys, there are SO many toys to use in the gym to get your heart pumpin! If your gym has it, try using the sled (shown below)! You don’t even have to add any weight. As a beginner you can just push the sled itself. I can guarantee that pushing the sled for 30 seconds will get you more

tired and fatigued than 5 minutes walking on the stairmaster will.


      Maybe the sled sounds like a torture device to you. Then how about jumping onto a box? Or jumping lunges? Or jumping squats? Anything that requires you to jump, really. Do health issues prevent you from jumping? ….Battle ropes! Peep my handsome man beasting out on the ropes 😀

photo 1

photo 2

     There are so many different ways to get your heart rate up and your lungs working other than staying stagnant on a cardio machine. Can those machines be great? Sure! There’s definitely days when I run sprints on the treadmill, or warm up my body on the stairmaster. But take it from someone who has dreaded the gym and wasted hours on a cardio machine getting zero results. Switching it up will make your workouts more fun, more rewarding and best of all, get you better results  :)!


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