California Fit

Humans are creatures of habit. We find what we like, get comfortable and do the same things day to day. I eat the same meals every day (this isn’t for everyone, I know) & go to the gym to work on the body part designated for that day. But what happens when you get out of your element and go on VACATION?! Woooo! How can you possibly stay fit and keep that smoking bod that you work so hard for every single day?

There are two very important things to keep in mind.

First things first.

Get out of the mindset that physical activity HAS to be in the gym. The world is full of so many beautiful places & if you’re a fitness freak, unfortunately experiencing all the world has to offer may mean that you can’t drive to a gym 10 minutes away.

Second, but just as important.

Enjoy the time you’re spending being active. Take in the present moment that you’ve been given & suck all you can out of it.

So Last week I went to San Diego, California for the first time. Man, that’s a beautiful place. It really makes me dislike commuting to Manhattan everyday and running into crazies on the dirty subway. But anywho…

Here are some of the ways my boyfriend & I stayed active while devouring all the food San Diego had to offer us 😀

  • Our resort had a gym (if you’re lucky enough to have this, take advantage!) I will say that we had to get creative with our exercises since it was a small gym with limited equipment. But the swole sesh was a success so that’s all that matters right? RIGHT!
  • Peddle Boating. How awesome was it that I was able to eat my giant gluten & carb filled sandwich while exercising?!
  • Running on the beach. Doesn’t the beach just make you want to run? Even if you hate running like I do. Or, maybe it just makes you want to lay there like a beached whale… But, I bet California beaches will make you want to get moving! The sand will burn out your legs faster than you can think. This is also prime time to take in the moment.  Look around you. Feel the sun on your back and the waves hit your feet.   Give thanks for being able to move today.027
  • Kayaking! This was the first time I kayaked in the ocean and let me tell you, my arms were tired after rowing for 2 minutes. I guess all my bicep curls don’t really prepare me for much? We also may or may have not fallen out of the boat trying to get past a wave. Lifting yourself back in the boat? Yeah that’s a workout within itself.
  • Uhhh… who knew walking over 2 miles down the beaches would make my legs hurt? Apparently it does. Leg pump anyone?

Bottom line, get active people! There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your vacation but still move that wonderful body of yours.



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