How to Get Your Body Back on Track

How many of you have the travel bug? Once you realize that your home isn’t the only place in the world, staying put is no longer an option. Being born and raised in New York, it’s very easy to believe that the bubble of buildings is the only place on Earth. But there’s no better excitement than getting on a plane to a brand new place. The sites, the adventure, the people.

But , most importantly…the food. Am I right, or am I right?

I love food. All of it. I’ll try anything once. So eating healthy for me is a conscious decision every meal, every single day. When I recently went to San Diego you can best believe that I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I’m talking breakfast, then Doritos in the car on the way to whatever adventure, then usually some sort of Spanish food for lunch, icecream after…the list goes on. The result? 5 pounds that felt and looked like 20.

Maybe 5 pounds isn’t so bad. Maybe I was being overdramatic. But for those of you that are super strict with their fitness and diet routine, especially females, how many can relate that just a few pounds shows pretty easily?

I then remembered why I eat the way I do every day. Structured & nutritious.

How did I lose that weight in a week you ask?

  • Water! About 3 liters every day (a gallon is about 3.7 liters).
  • Cardio! Sled pushes, burpees, rope slams, Jiu Jitsu, stairs, tire flips. Errrrthing.
  • Weights! Pick things up and put them down!
  • Food! No I didn’t starve myself. I just simply ate what I normally do. Chicken, eggs, a crap ton of veggies, fruits (minimal amounts), protein powder, nuts, oils, cheese.

So basically just getting back into my normal routine.

It’s amazing how the body changes and adjusts. It goes through so much every day to keep you alive and healthy, so treat it right. It’s okay to veer off sometimes to enjoy life, but always find your way back.


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