Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi beauties!

Ever get tired of the neutral, brown toned smokey eye? The supposed Kim Kardashian smokey eye? …Which existed way before she was even a thing, by the way.

Then on the other hand, are you someone who thinks a smokey eye HAS to be black. FYI, it doesn’t.

A smokey eye just describes the overall effect that the shadow is supposed to have. Smoke. But it could be any color your heart desires. So why not purple! Below, my process of creating a purple smokey eye is broken down so you can see just how simple it could be 🙂

Step 1:

  • Start by blending a transition color (a color not too far off, but just slightly darker from your natural skin tone) into the crease.


Step 2:

  • Add a slightly darker color right over the transition color. Didn’t the transition color make blending the darker color way easier?!


Step 3:

  • Add your main color to the lid and blend it into the crease.


Step 4:

  • Add a highlight color onto the brow bone. This could be either a matte color (flat with no shimmer) or one with shine. Just as long as it is lighter than your skin tone to create the illusion that your brow bone is lifted and coming forward.


Step 5:

  • Add the same lid color to the lower lash line and connect it to outer corner.



  • I wanted the eye shadow to be the star of the show here, so I didn’t add any top liner.
  • To create the appearance of thicker lashes, I smudged black shadow into the top and lower lash line.
  • I then smudged the same black shadow into my upper and lower waterline.
  • No fake lashes here, just a touch of mascara.
  • When you think you’ve blended enough, blend one more time.

Personal (and professional) opinion:

Sometimes less is more. Now I’m not bashing Instagram artists (except those that show how to contour your feet…get a life), but many make it seem as though you always need to pair a smokey eye with a huge winged liner & double layered strip lashes. I’m here to let you know It’s okay to take it a notch down and let just one part outshine everything else. You’ll thank me when you see how much time you save 😀




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