Sunshine Blogger Award


The Sunshine Blogger Award:

Nominated?  Here’s the rules:  Check out my Q & A.  Have a look at my nominees; new bloggers, those I dig and those I think you should check out.  I have provided list of questions for you.  Create your own blog post and answer your set of questions while nominating some bloggers of your choice! (don’t forget to let them know!)

I was nominated by Kelli of, & boy am I happy I was! She introduced me to her blog and wow! Need a review on anything beauty? Her blog is a must see 🙂

Kelli’s questions, my responses:

  • How Long Have you been blogging?
    • Hmm, about 2 months or so. Baby blogger. I’m still learning the ropes of this whole new world we have here 🙂
  • Who inspires you?
    • Ah, so many people. For starters, I’m fortunate enough to work in the industry I love-makeup. Therefore, my coworkers inspire me, my boss inspires me, my clients inspire me. I think everyone in my life inspires me in their own different, unique way. Was that cheesy?
  • What is your longest running, tried and true beauty item?
    • Mac “Soft and Gentle.” As much as I love other highlighters I’ve tried, this one seems to have just the perfect amount of pink & gold tones for my skin color.
  • Where is ‘your happy place’?
    • The gym, there’s something about completely exhausting myself that makes me calm & happy. Or anywhere with a good book and hot coffee.
  • Currently binge watching Netflix?  Whats your Favorite TV show?
    • I actually don’t want TV -___-
  • What [who] was your first band/show/concert?
    • An American Idol concert lol I think Clay Aiken performed?
  • Most used makeup/beauty brand?
    • I use so many different brands every day. From Kevin Aucoin to Inglot all the way to Loreal.
  • Who are your pets? (if any)
    • My puppies :)! Kodi (a husky) and Roxy (a shepard/corgy mix).
  • Favorite online shopping destination?
    • I don’t online shop either lol. When I want something, I want it now. Is that weird? haha.
  • Where is or where would you like your next vacation destination to be?
    • Next destination is Chicago for the first time,  so  I’m pretty hyped!


My Nominees:


My Questions:

  • How Long Have you been blogging?
  • Who inspires you?
  • What is your longest running, tried and true beauty item?
  • Where is ‘your happy place’?
  • How did you choose the name for your blog?
  • What made you want to stop blogging?
  • Most used makeup/beauty brand?
  • Favorite hobby?
  • Favorite place to shop?
  • 3 places on your bucket list to visit?




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