How to Get Over the Gym Slump

Hey guys :)!

I wanted to show you some ways on how to keep your workouts exciting if you ever feel like you’re stuck or lacking motivation. This happens to me from time to time (and is currently going on right now). I get bored with my workouts, get bored with the gym & sometimes even go as far as saying I get bored with lifting. GASP.

If any of you ever feel this way, know that you’re not alone! We get tired of doing anything over and over again, so the same thing applies to exercise. Simply changing up my workouts helps get me back on track.

Below is a video of a workout that my boyfriend and I did recently to help me switch things up a bit.



  1. The first exercise you see me doing is a pushup with a 25 pound plate on my back. This was my first time attempting this, so realizing that I was actually able to push myself back up with the added weight gave me instant excitement & gratification. Those two emotions alone already made my workout satisfying. There are a bunch of different ways to do a pushup. Experiment by adding weight, changing hand positions or even putting your hands on a medicine ball to push up on.
  2. The second exercise my boyfriend is doing is using the ropes in a jumping jack motion. Let me tell you, these ropes are a GREAT addition to your workouts. Not only is he getting some cardio in, but he’s working his arms and shoulders at the same time.
  3. The third exercise I’m performing is a pushup into a bent over row then lastly into a deadlift. Arms, shoulders, core, back, chest, glutes and quads are all being worked here. Who doesn’t love an exercise that gets so many parts working at once?!
  4. The fourth exercise shows how to use the ropes to really work your obliques. Again, still working arms and shoulders but to keep himself balanced when switching from side to side, he needs to activate his core.


Let me know if you guys have tried some of these exercises or if you’re going to do them for the first time! Xo



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