Resting Beach Face

Hellooo beauties!

It’s July, so pretty much the only place I want to be is the beach. Who’s with me?! But that means no more trips to Sephora for us makeup junkies because it’s ridiculous to wear makeup to the beach right?


Now, I’m all about looking natural when going to the beach, but let’s be real, natural doesn’t exactly mean no makeup. So how do we look fresh, glowy, hydrated and awake without looking like we’re actually wearing any?

  • First and foremost, get some SPF on that pretty face. No one wants sun damage later on in life, so protect that skin! Spritz your face with sunscreen first or use a moisturizer with SPF. One of my favorite products for that is COOLA. They have moisturizers, setting sprays, and regular sunscreen sprays. After you finish your makeup, set it with a spray that has SPF as well for extra protection.image
  • Instead of putting foundation all over your face, try just using concealer only in the areas that you really need it. You’re going to be sweating anyway, so the less products, the better.
  • Personally, I like to keep the least amount of powder on my face at the beach. I want to look as fresh & dewy as possible, so a cream blush gives me that effect. Cream blushes have a way of making your skin look naturally, beautifully flushed, without the look of product sitting on the skin. Julie Hewett has GREAT cream blushes that you can use on your lips as well. image.jpeg
  • I always wear something on my lips, even at the beach. Tinted lip balm with SPF is my go to. Keep your lips hydrated & sun protected  with a pop of color. So many brands have tinted lippies with SPF. From Nivea to Neutrogena to Laura Mercier.
  • If there was only one piece of makeup that I could use the rest of my life, it would be mascara. It opens up the eye & in my opinion, it completely changes the face. For the beach, opt for a waterproof version so you avoid looking like a raccoon 🙂 My current favorite? Loreal Voluminous.











What are some of your favorite products for the beach?!



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