Killer Arm Workout

I don’t know about you, but I get bored of doing the same exercises over and over, week after week. Our bodies do too. Lucky for me, I have a boyfriend who is a personal trainer and is always down to do the most ridiculous exercises to get a good pump 😀 Now my job is to share those exercises with you!

Lately I’ve really been trying to sweat as much as I can during my workouts to avoid hopping on the treadmill or stairmaster, which means for me, I can’t just stand there and curl a barbell. I’ll barely break a sweat that way. Circuit training has been my go to recently so that I’m constantly moving, keeping me sweating and from getting bored.

The video below is my not so basic recent arm workout 🙂

  • The first couple of exercises shown with the heavy bag were completely knew to me. And whoa. Heavy bags=instant pump. In the first exercise, I’m carrying the bag in a way to work my arms, my grip & my core. Walking while squatted down low is pretty much destroying my glutes. I love exercises that work multiple muscles at once!
  • The second exercise shows Todd pulling the bag up to his shoulders, squatting down with it then slamming it to the floor. Arms, shoulders, core, glutes, quads, back…they’re all worked here. Pretty much every reason to try this.
  • The next exercise puts a little spin on your standard dumbbell curl. Squatting the entire time activated my glutes as well as my core in order to keep me balanced and in good form.
  • The third exercise with the bag is just a basic carry, but with your arms flexed the entire time, the bag will feel double the weight, I promise. This is where that instant pump came from that I was talking about 🙂
  • The triangle pushups you see me doing are meant to focus on the triceps the most. These can be challenging for a beginner because your hands are somewhat awkwardly placed, being super close to together and facing inward. But a little practice goes a long way! There was once a time when I wasn’t able to do these.
  • The last exercise is another tricep killer. Keep your hands close together, press up & feel the burn!

You can exhaust your muscles & drench yourself in sweat in under 30 minutes. Give this workout a try & let me know how it goes!


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